Entry 1 : Let The Year Commence

What's up, people?
I find it very helpful to create a list of "Things To Do" or "Things To Talk About" so I don't run off track and digress any further.
It really helps in essays.
Like, when I write, I give a very, VERY vague outline of my story but I always what I have to write in that essay.
The same goes for when I call people.
I need to know the exact things I want to talk about; or else there will be a lot of "awkward silence" moments.
So, here's a list of what I'll be talking or writing about in the upcoming posts:

1 - Job
2 - Yu-Gi-Oh!
3 - Outings
4 - Licence
5 - Life
6 - Music
7 - Television
8 - Movies
9 - Others

*note: List of "Things To Write" is not listed in a specific order

There it is.
Not much, really.
Besides, I wouldn't want to bore you guys with some random stuff about me and my hopeless life.
In this post, however, I'd really like to give everyone an overview of how my life's currently rolling.

I'm not working.
Well, I work at home as a way to repay my parents for all that I've spent during the whole of December.
You see, I don't get any allowance when I don't go to school and straight after SPM we all went to KL where I spent the every single remnant of allowance money I had left.
So, I had to spend my parents' money for everything else that I bought when we went shopping.
It's not like me to use their money without earning it first but I was so in the mood to shop that I just had to buy stuff, even if it meant me spending their money.
Therefore, in order to repay them, I clean the house, make sure it's tidy and neat and guest-friendly.
I do the laundry a lot.
I like it, I really do.
It's one of the very few times that I have to myself.
It may be a little weird but as they say in Zombieland, "Enjoy the little things".

I'm getting my licence.
Yeah, I'll be able to be on the road as driver soon.
I'm now waiting for my 'L' licence, then I can learn to drive until I get it right.
After that, I'll have to go for a pre-test and then finally a real test.
I figure, in February I'll already be able to drive that Satria Neo my dad said I could use.
I've already told him that I'll be driving to school when the results come out.
It'll be awesome once I get my licence.
I'll get to bring girls on dates ... in my car!
Who cares about the gas money and stuff, I'm going to enjoy being able to drive.

I'm restarting my diet.
I lost 20kg since I first started my diet back in 2008.
I went down from a XXXL to an L.
I've shed some shame and gained some confidence.
However, last year I started to get complacent and care less about my eating habits.
So, this year I've decided to go back to diet and lose more weight.
I'm hoping to at least be able to surprise people when I go back to school to get my results in March.
It'd be awesome to go to school and hear people scream in amazement once they see me then.
So, I hope that I'll be able to achieve that.

I'm working on my writing.
This three month break will be a great time for me to start focusing on my writing.
I'd like to come up with a short story or a novel once this break comes to an end.
And, I really hope that I regain my drawing touch.
I haven't drawn anything since before Trials so it's been a really long time since I've done anything.
I hope I haven't lost my touch.

I'm thinking of playing online games.
I have friends that want me to join them in playing online games.
Take Sudden Attack for an example.
My closest friends all play that game and I have to admit, it's my type of game.
It's a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, kind of like Left4Dead and Counter Strike.
I really, REALLY want to play Left4Dead again.
I just love shooting zombies.

I'm on the hunt.
It's not that I'm letting go, I'm just moving on ... even though it's very difficult.
Just so you know, this heart's not going anywhere.

I'm trying my best to make this year AWESOME.
Last year was one great year.
I loved it so much and I still do.
I couldn't capture every memory I had of last year but the ones I remember I'll remember forever.
I want to make this year as great as last year.
Better yet, I'll make this year even greater than last year.
There's so much that happened last year and I don't all of that to be forgotten.
That's why I've decided to blog.

So, there you have it.
I'm not sure if there's anything else I'd want to add.
I'll maybe add some things in further posts.
Oh, and I will upload photos.
And, I will colour my text.
I don't this blog to be any more dull than it already is.
Seriously, it'll make this blog less boring and even more "exciting" as Uncle Ridzuan might put it.
I don't think I'll label my posts; I wouldn't know what to label them and labeling is such a fuss.
And, boy, I really need a catch phrase.
I have some things in mind and I'll try this one.
Here goes nothing!

"Life isn't just an experience, it's one sweet memory"