Entry 4 : Music To My Ears

I know that most people would just blog about their day, how it went, what they did and stuff but I'm not sure if those things would interest you much.
I mean, come on.
Who would want to read me blabber about how I called up my friends to come over to watch a movie, duel and watch TV?
Is it not enough that I already embarrass myself in the real world that I have to do the same here?
What more could people want?
I'm just exaggerating, really.
It's just that nothing's been going on so I thought maybe I could talk about myself and my likes.
My dear friend, Haniesha, claims that she can write sets of encyclopedias about herself.
I'd really like to be able to that, too.
I mean, although you may be the person who knows yourself best, it's often hard to try to explain how much you know about yourself in words.
Hence, I'm mighty impressed by her.

In this entry, I'd like to share with you my taste in music.
I've done a presentation about this in class when I was in Form 4 but it was very short and very low on information.
So, i'll start with the basics.
I'm into a lot of music.
I'm into a lot of genre but I'm not into all artists of that genre.
I'm into rock and power pop, but at the same time I'm into pop, ballad and soul.
I also enjoy rap and dance songs.
I absolutely love songs with a jamming bass track.
Electronica is kind of the trend now and I'm kind of happy that it is.
Here's a rough list of some of the bands/artists that I'm really into:

Panic! At The Disco
Boys Like Girls
My Chemical Romance
All Time Low
Linkin Park
Taking Back Sunday
Hey Monday
30 Seconds to Mars
The Academy Is...
Gym Class Heroes
Cobra Starship
Fall Out Boy
Fort Minor
Katy Perry
Owl City
Green Day
The Killers
The Click Five
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Lady GaGa
Metro Station
Simple Plan
The Veronicas
The White Stripes
Good Charlotte
The All-American Rejects
A Rocket to the Moon
Sum 41
Third Eye Blind
Lily Allen
Drake Bell
Jesse McCartney
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Aly & AJ
Pop Shuvit
Girls' Generation aka SNSD
After School
Super Junior

and some more that I can't seem to recall now.

If I had to choose a favorite from the list above I'd definitely choose:


Yes, people, PARAMORE.
This is the best band that I have ever listened to.
Their songs are so awesome and meaningful.
They have the ability to make me happy or sad.
I haven't found any other band that could make my heart melt like ice cream on a hot day than this band right here.
Besides, it wouldn't hurt to have the HOTTEST girl on the face of the planet as a lead singer now, would it?
I love you, Hayley Williams!

Another great band that I'm deeply into is none other than:


I know, right?
Weird, how someone like me could be into a Korean boyband.
I used to really, REALLY dislike anything that had to do with the Korean Wave but once I started to put aside my arrogance, I began to realize that their songs are very good.
Like, seriously.
The first K-Pop song I heard was A.MI.GO by SHINee and it was great, I had to admit.
I've only been listening to Korean songs since June of last year but I think I'm really into them.
BIGBANG has proven to be the best Korean boyband by far, in my opinion.
I like it how they can balance rap verses with singing verses.
And their music videos are all awesome.
I almost burst into tears watching the "Haru Haru" music video.
I rarely do that.

My favorite songs from Paramore and BIGBANG are "My Heart" and "My Heaven" respectively.
Gosh, I didn't realize they sounded so cheesy and gay.
Oh, well.
They're both songs about love but not your average "I love you and I want to be with you forever" type of songs.
They have real meaning.
Well, "My Heaven" is kind of a typical love song but it's very, VERY lovely, nonetheless.

Here are videos of those songs.
My Heart by Paramore wasn't released as a single, so here's a video of them performing it live:

This, however, is the official music video for My Heaven by BIGBANG:

Hopefully, you guys will eventually listen to some of the songs I listen to.
I'm easily influenced by friends' taste in music and I really like sharing music that I like.
I'm not one to degrade or insult anybody else's taste in music because that's their own preference.
Therefore, I hope that my taste in music won't be the subject of an argument anytime soon.

"Dream big or don''t dream at all"