Entry 9 : Between 'Hello' And 'Goodbye'


The first thing that you would say when you pick up the phone or when greeting someone, 'Hello'.
That word may just as well be the beginning of a beautiful relationship or a despairing shipwreck.
Either way,everything started out with the same word.
And, believe it or not, any meet up would end with one other word, 'Goodbye'.

'Goodbye' might just as well be the most saddening word you could ever hear.
Because, it is the very mark of the end of something.

Like, meet ups or conversations or worst, a relationship.
It's hard seeing other people grieve with the departure of their friends.
I'm not supposed to 'sell' that story, but it's something worth mentioning.

When I'm alone, by myself only accompanied by my millions of thoughts, I always somehow feel ... not happy.
I don't know why, but the thoughts that I think about don't really help me through the day and sometimes they make me feel more prone to look for some familiar company, be it a friend or the PC downstairs.
It could be the fact that I think too much.
I'm not depressed, not anymore.
I've never been clinically depressed but that's not something I wanted to be.
It's just that, I get this feeling of empathy towards those who have to go through the occasion where they inevitably have to utter the word, 'Goodbye' to their loved ones.

I hate posting this type of entry.
I tend to write emotional, depressing, saddening and never happy entries.
I can't deal with the world being all gloomy and dark.
It's all getting to me, you know.

Anyway, departures and arrivals are normal, aren't they?
One day, you're all mentally disoriented because you had to part with your friends but then you find yourself being the most overjoyed person in the whole wide world when the day comes for you to get to meet again with your pal.
So why is everyone being sad?

I'm steering my writing here towards some 16 year-olds that I may or may not know.
Well, here's the thing.
Offers from boarding schools have finally made their appearance.
Some people I know received these offers, one of them being my brother.
He won't go, though.
There's a legacy at SMKTMR that needs to be continued and that is exactly what he'll be doing for the next two years of his life.
However, some of his friends are leaving, moving to a better school.
Broadening their horizons and taking on new challenges.
Engaging in never before seen happenings and collecting as much experience as possible.

Silly, isn't it?
Once you think about it, you would think that those who choose to stay at their every day public school are complete fools.
They have a chance to go away to a better school where they'll most probably excel more in their education if not in life itself.
But they won't take that chance.
Maybe, it's because they're content with what they already have.
Or it could be the fact that they hate boarding schools for they know that it would be Hell.
Probably, it's because they're cowards, frightened by the looks of an old school and intimidated by new, flashy uniforms.
However, and this I'm pretty sure about, at the end of the day, the most common and reasonable reason is because they don't want to say 'Goodbye'.

'Sorry' may seem to be the hardest word, but 'Goodbye' is, by far, the most painful word of all.
This, however, applies only to those who have deep feelings and strong bonds with someone else.
It applies to friends that can't separate from each other, to brothers who need each other's company and to lovers who just can't breathe without their partner.

I never got an offer from a boarding school as prestigious as MRSM or as grand as SBP.
I don't know how it feels like to decide between friends and future.
I've had the luxury of keeping all of my closest friends here where I can see them practically every day.
But some people aren't as lucky as I am.
Some have to see their friend go.
Some have to leave their friends for what seems to be a better cause.
It's things like these that make life more complicated that it already is.
But it's things like these that make life more worthwhile than it was probably cut out to be.

Departures shouldn't be condemned.
Separation isn't something bad.
Everyone should look on the bright side.
If you are confident that you are best friends with the one you're letting go, then there should be no problems at all.
You can always keep in touch.
Phones were invented for the sole purpose of connecting people.
What's more, the ones who're in a boarding school of any kind can always smuggle in a cell.
Although, it would be wise not to.
People should be happy knowing that someone they hold near and dear to their heart is going off to a better life.
A life with new things without forgetting the old.
A life where good turns to better, and better turns to best.
It's the life we all want.

When a person departs, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're leaving everything behind.
They'll bring with them memories, experiences and a whole bunch of other things.
All the things that happened in between that very first 'Hello' and the eventual 'Goodbye' will be remembered and cherished upon their departure.
'Departure' in this sense means to leave, but not to forget.
We should all let people progress in life so that they can live happily ever after.
It doesn't matter if that someone is going to a new school, furthering their studies overseas or even getting a new job in another state.
Let the distance bring you closer.
Any progress is good progress, so let progression take place.

"With every 'Goodbye', there's bound to be a 'Hello'"