Entry 10 : On The Road And In The Heart

It's already the end of the first week of the second month of the 2010th year since we started counting them.
Intriguingly, everything went by without even scratching the freaking surface of life itself.
Am I exaggerating?
Hell yes.

Anyway, I was sitting on the toilet seat in my bathroom upstairs and it got me thinking.
Well, I don't about anyone else but the bathroom is an epic place to think.
Seriously, you should try it sometime.
I get a lot of inspiration from sitting in the toilet, especially when no. 2 is in progress.

Back to the topic.
What I thought of was that a relationship is a lot like driving.
I have all these words in my head right now to help me explain this statement but I can't seem to arrange them in an orderly manner so as to make you, the reader, understand what I'm trying to point out here.

Firstly, one similarity is that, and this is one of the basic things, both relationships and driving takes time.
Time is of the essence.
When driving, you have to learn how to drive first.
Then you have to go through all these tests and everything before finally getting your CDL.
That takes about two years at least.
In a relationship, you need time to get to know each other and accept one another for who they really are.
You know, love to learn and learn to love.
All this takes an ample amount of time but once you're settled in your car or relationship, everything becomes okay.

Next, both driving and relationship take skill.
Skill in driving is developed, not ready-made.
Everyone is born to drive but nobody is born competent when driving.
The more you practice, the better you'll get.
I know this, I have experience.
Of course skill doesn't come falling from the Heavens and landing on your laps, wrapped in glitter and confetti.
Skill is more than just practice.
Skill is what you have and making the most of it whilst enhancing it further.
In relationships, you have got to have skill.
This means, you have to know when to be extremely ditsy or when to be awfully serious and level-headed.
Sometimes you got through rocky situations but once you have the sufficient amount of skill, even the rockiest surface won't faze you.
See what I mean?

Furthermore, there are rules when driving and there are boundaries when being in a relationship.
Rules may not equal boundaries but boundaries was never the right word anyway.
I just didn't want to repeat words.
It's so repetitive.
You know speed limits and road signs and everything, right?
Well, in a relationship, you have to know how to read the signs.
Like, when you're partner is feeling down or feeling peculiarly happy.
Something must be going on.
And speed limits must be obeyed at all times.
You can NEVER go too fast and going to slow makes others uncomfortable.
You might even scare off you're partner.
Going too fast makes you rush and panic more while going too slow makes you distracted and lose focus.
Therefore, speed limits are essential in driving and in relationships (this, however, is speaking metaphorically).
Stop signs are also important.
Bumps, traffic lights and all that stuff you have to know when you're on the road.
You don't just need to know what's on the road, but you also need to know what's in the heart.
See how I referred back to the title?
Awesome, isn't it?

Moving on.
When driving, you, as the driver, should at all times have that feeling of responsibility in yourself.
You're actually putting your life on the line when on the road and most probably you're putting everyone else's life on the line, as well.
Not just your passengers, but this also includes pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, other drivers, riders and all that.
Life is an important thing and without it, we're dead.
This also goes for relationships.
In a relationship, both sides must feel responsible towards their duty to make that relationship last.
Because, if it didn't then the lives of two people would be left devastated, ultimately affecting the lives of the people around them.
Hence, driving and relationships are quite similar, don't you think?

I think four reasons would suffice.
I mean, I could go on and on but what would I talk about?
You might be asking yourself, "How can he know anything about relationships?" and the sentence, "He's never even been in a relationship" would normally follow after.
How can I know?
How do I know?
Well, isn't it all obvious?
Pity you can't see what I can see.
Pity you can't write what I've just written.

Oh, and finally.
I'd just like to add here that I passed my JPJ test and I'm currently waiting for my license to be ready.
Awesome times await, people.
Till then.

"Red means STOP. Green means GO. Yellow means STEP ON IT!"


ours polaire said…
Now you can be my chauffeur! :D