Entry 13 : My Kind Of Rhyme - 1

As much of a writer I was back in the day, the most memorable thing that I really miss is my ability to rhyme.
Yes, in fact, I don't even know if I can still write poems!

So, here and now I'd like to attempt a new poem.
I would like to dedicate this poem/song/writing to my good friend, Sam.
(click on the name to see him in real life)
Whether or not he knows what I'll be talking about is left to be seen.
Okay, then.
Here goes nothing:

A Song For Sam

It's not my kind of place to be
There isn't really much to see
We're stuck inside this Cyber World
And you can't believe that there's a girl

Yes, they may not seem the type
But you can't just believe the hype
These girls, they know
They're fast, they're slow
But somehow your mouth just blows

In a way
Needless to say
You are very narrow-minded
Though you might not like that fact
And even when you act like that
Till death we'll still be bonded

However, Sam
Here I am
I have another thing to say
I hope you rot
With this AK-47 I got
Your head, I will spray

She's a girl
She rocks my world
Her diamonds shine like pros
Her name is TaeYeon
Now keep your brain on
Because tomorrow we'll be fighting Chronos

You should now by now
Why I'm so angry
You pissed her off the map
Now I'm sitting here
Feeling all crappy
Your face, I'd like to slap

Kill me now
Give me a headshot
Tap around me all you can
Because I know
Someday, somehow
TaeYeon is not a man
TaeYeon is not a man

Copyright © Ahmad Firdaus Yosman, 2010; THE FEAR
All rights reserved.

So, how was that?
I think I'll put in Sam's face as well!
He wouldn't mind, mostly because he can't do anything about it if I did put his photo here.
Oh, hey, I have!
Here it is:

Well, that's all for this entry, I guess.
If you like or don't like my poem/song/writing or you have anything to say about it, please comment me here or on Facebook where I'll link this from.
Sam's a good guy, people.
Hard to believe he even hangs out with us.
Oh, well.

"Withstand the wrath of God!"