Entry 14 : My Kind Of Rhyme - 2

The clock showed that I had more than exceeded my bed time.
I was stuck, glued to the screen of my computer when we started talking about plans for the day.
It was either bowling or a movie.
I wouldn't mind both at once.
However, one friend of mine suddenly started to sound ... sad, as if some cloud of depression had come over him and denied him of any ray of happiness.
Silence enveloped the conversation.

There were about six of us online then and when we started to think about it, we wished we never were online.
That one game that kept us from our bed was the one game that made us realize that this was it.
This was the time of our lives.
And we're spending it as if it'll never end.
But it will.
And I can't handle that.

Another friend said that he feared that he would grow apart from the group.
I knew what he was talking about.
It's the distance that creates the gap in the bonds that we made since we first met.
We all didn't want to lose each other.
We were more than brothers in every sense of life.
We have something that meant something to us.
And I don't want to lost that.

I wanted to make this entry about a poem/song/writing that reflects on how I feel about this situation.
Though, it seems that I've overdone the intro.
Anyway, here it is:

Shadows Disappearing Into The Future

The sky cried when I woke up today
The Moon hid behind grey clouds
And it seemed like I wouldn't see the light of day

I knew this day would come
This moment where everything is let go
How do I cope with this situation
I still won't know

Because I have friends that are countable and are always counted on
And my companions are in abundance
But it feels like dying even just to lose one

The day will come when all we see is ourselves in photographs
And the laughters we shared would be left to the past
And the future's all we've got after every memory's been forgotten

But it doesn't have to be this way
We can meet again another day
I'm sure we'll be just fine

I can't take in another breath of air
Because every sip of air makes me tear up inside
Now I can't run and hide
This is reality
And we'll all go through it someday
But did it have to be today

My youth's been tainted by sins and curses
But I've had a lot of help to get through it
My last wish before tomorrow is that we'll all stick together
Because together we win

Can I withstand the power of distance
Or maybe hear what you say
Allow me to show the bonds of friendship
And make it out someday
Yes, we'll make it out

Copyright © Ahmad Firdaus Yosman, 2010; THE FEAR
All rights reserved.

"Ikuzo, Shadow Slayerz!"