Entry 45 : Mi Amigos, Mi Familia

Hey, there.
I don't know if this may come as a surprise to you since my last entry was just a few days ago, but yeah, this is my second entry this week and I'm super proud of it!
So yesterday, Abbas, Izzadee, Sam, Gibson and I went out for some venturing around JB.
Usually we'd go bowling in the morning and watch a movie in the afternoon, but, this time, we wanted something different.
Abbas wanted to check out some things at KSL City (the new mall that just recently opened) so we headed straight there.

The place isn't that bad, it has a cinema, a lot of shops, but it really isn't "fun" compared to other shopping complexes.
However, I believe that the best part is (and I'm sure Abbas would agree) the poster shop they have there!

Wumeng (click for Facebook page) sells all kinds of posters: movies, rock bands, cartoons, anime and my personal favorite, K-pop groups!
I got to buy posters of SNSD, 4Minute and BEAST/B2ST.
I really wanted to get a poster of T-ara but they didn't have any that were good enough.
A poster only costs RM12, which I think is really affordable.
The workers are also very friendly and knowledgeable, since they themselves are updated on the latest in K-pop news (though their posters and merchandise might prove otherwise).
Nevertheless, the service is great and it was a real pleasure to be able to put my fanboy-ing to some good use and let it all out.
People who are interested in buying posters should really check this place out!

On the other hand, if you're interested in buying K-pop/anime merchandise, you can go visit their sister shop, Idol iDo!

Here, they sell all kinds of merchandise and accessories, complete with prints of your favorite K-pop artist.
(DISCLAIMER: Not all K-pop artists are available)
I really hope that they keep updating their products because I really do want to go back there and buy some more stuff.
Be sure to check them out whenever you're at KSL City!

As we walked around the whole place on an empty stomach, we immediately went into food hunting mode.
At first, we weren't sure where to eat but one ad really caught our eyes so we decided to try out the food here:

El Migos - Mexican Pizzadillas

Don't let the name fool you.
Here, they don't just sell Mexican and Italian foods.
Instead, they offer a wide range of foods to choose from either Asian, Mexican, Italian or American dishes.
Here's what we all had that day:

Gibson's Mango Smoothie with Baked Teriyaki Rice

I ordered a Marshmallow Milkshake, Nachos with Dips and Chicken Cordon Bleu

Izzadee's Japanese Pizza (I forgot the real name, sorry)

Sam's Cowboy Chicken Chop

Abbas' American Burger

Sam, Izzadee and Abbas all had Iced Water with Lemon (Abbas' Iced Lemon Tea wasn't photographed)

I rate the place a hefty 4.5/5.
The place is great, there isn't a flaw in the food and when eaten with the right kind of company, you will leave the place with not just a happy stomach, but a happy heart as well.
The portions are big and the service so far is good.
If you're accustomed to eating at warungs or mamaks, you might find the price a bit pricey.
However, the food there is still affordable and you can always share what you order.

Of course we all shared what we had.
The Chicken Cordon Bleu that I ordered was simply too big to be finished even by myself.
El Migos is certainly a great place to eat when you're looking for a great time.
Just make sure to bring your amigos along!

After lunch, we stopped by my place before heading out again to God knows where.
Gibson brought us to Today's Mall, a shopping mall only recently opened on the way to Kota Tinggi that is super boring.
It has an indoor water park and an invisible cinema (we never found it) but overall, the place is still empty.
There are lots of vacant shopping lots and there's hardly anybody there.
There is this one smoothie shop that we stopped at; Ice Talk.
It's the same as Cool Blog, only a little different menu-wise.
I don't see myself going back to Today's Mall anytime soon, though.

Since we were close to Tebrau City, we went to Daiman Bowling for some ... bowling!
The place is great.
The lanes are perfect, the balls aren't that chapped and the price is quite affordable.
I also got to set a new personal record: 107!
It was nice to bowl there.
I guess we'll be bowling there more often from now on.

For dinner, we ate at Sam's uncle's restaurant at Larkin Perdana.
There aren't any photos from dinner but the specialty there is their RM5 Chicken Chop.
The portion isn't as much as one would be satisfied with (at least not for me) but no complaints since it's very cheap.
I don't recall the menu being that varied.
It was an okay place to eat, since we were all still full from lunch.

After that, we stopped by Rainbow and Maybank in Taman Universiti before heading back out to the city.
We spent quite some time walking around Danga Bay.
I don't remember the last time I was there.
We took some photos, played a round of Bumper Cars and had a drink before we headed to the city.

We didn't walk around, though.
We were all exhausted from the whole day activities.
Shopping, eating, bowling, walking.
I, myself, felt beat up once I got home.
It was very nice to be able to drive around JB like that and spend time with my "brothers".
If only Faiz were there with us.
It would've been perfect.
Anyhow, it was great to post an entry like this.
It seems a lot more ... classy.
Until next time.
Adios, amigos!

"Our friendship will never die. You've got a friend in me"

p/s: Check out more photos from yesterday (20/7/2011) at Gibson's Facebook profile here.