Entry 46 : MTV Worldstage Live in Malaysia 2011

Yes, it is true.
I attended MTV Worldstage Live in Malaysia 2011!
*screams silently*

It was phenomenal.
So, first and foremost, I would like to thank my awesome aunt for getting us the tickets.

Thank you, Cik Cha! xD

She didn't just get us (Nana, Keren and I) regular tickets.
She got us tickets to the X-Zone (or X-Pit) right in front of the stage!
If we had come any earlier, we'd surely be eye-to-eye with the performers.
MTV Worlstage Live in Malaysia 2011 was held at i-City, Shah Alam on the 24th of July (Sunday).
At first, I wasn't too sure of the venue, since the last time I went, the place was honestly a mess.
But somehow they managed to clean up the place and hold a concert.

Anyway, this year, there were four performers.
First up,

Pop Shuvit

I already watched this local band perform once, when they headlined My Chemical Romance Live in Malaysia back in 2009.
They really know how to please the crowd, getting them ready for the forthcoming performers.
My personal favorites of Pop Shuvit are Old Skool Rocka and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.
However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, I didn't get to see them live.
I'm sure they were great, though.

Next up,


I don't know how many of you out there will kill me for saying this, but I was most excited to go to WS because of them.
I am now in a position (situation, condition; whatever) where the Korean Wave has struck me so hard, I don't really care about anything else ... and BEAST has been one of the reasons.
I first knew about them since they debuted back in 2009 with their song Bad Girl.
Then, they released Shock.
After that, I didn't really listen to any K-pop for a while due to my one year stint in KMJ.
But, the moment I got back home, I updated myself on everything K-pop, including BEAST.
Now, they are currently my favorite Korean boy band and I don't see any other taking their place anytime soon.
But I digress.

Anyway, their performance on stage, live, was simply breathtaking.
They are everything I thought they would be.
They delivered a very strong performance, starting off with the song Shock, which really got all the B2UTIES in the crowd going wild.
Unable to control myself, I danced to the song despite the glares and stares from the non-B2UTY-ful people (pun intended).
In fact, I danced to all the songs.
I didn't want to put all my practice to waste, now did I?
Next, they performed Fiction, their latest single and one of the most emotional yet.
They slowed it down more with On Rainy Days before taking a break.
Although, I was kind of wondering why they could since that song was banned in Korea.
I guess not in Malaysia.

They continued with the song Breath, the song that has currently got my youngest brother hooked on so much to the point that there's nothing else he would listen to.
After that, they performed a song I've never heard before, Special.
I know, I know.
It was my first time listening to it and watching them perform it but it certainly wasn't the last.
The song was awesome, upbeat and BEAST-ly (pun intended, again).
Before they ended their set, Dong Woon had a few words to say and they finished off with Beautiful.

They were fantastic live, without a single flaw and full of energy.
I was very, very happy to see them.
I was previously devastated to not be able to attend their Fan-meeting back on the 1st of July in Sunway Lagoon.
This was the perfect remedy for a heartbreak.
I only remember BEAST's full setlist, though.

Third performer,

Neon Trees

That awkward moment when Neon Trees performs live, surrounded by actual neon trees.
Jokes aside, this was another band that really rocked the stage.
Their main vocal, Tyler, was really enthusiastic throughout the whole show.
His vocals were that reminiscent of a psychotic child (in a good way).
His childish antics and dance moves on stage were well-blended with the songs.
What I really liked about Neon Trees is that before each song, there would be a brief introduction, a sort of backstory to their songs.
It was really nice to have an imagery of what the songs would be about and stuff.
I really enjoyed Neon Trees.
I don't remember their whole setlist, though I do remember them performing hits such as, 1983, Animal and Your Surrender.
If you haven't heard them before, you really should.

Last but not least, the headliner of the night,

30 Seconds To Mars

Their name is explosive enough to set you off into a new era of rock.
I loved their old songs like A Beautiful Lie (with which they started off with), The Kill and also Attack.
But their new concept of war and peace really hit me.
To me, it was an epic move.
I've always admired people who used war as a concept.
Not that I love war or anything, but the concept of battle and the fight for freedom has always be in an inspiration to me.
Jared Leto was amazing on stage.
Their setlist was full of hard-hitting, ear-deafening and head-banging hits that I think actually made i-City tremble in its awesomeness.

Throughout the whole show, Jared encouraged the crowd to just let loose and got as berserk as they could.
There was either no mosh pit at all, or I simply didn't participate in it.
Their songs are already amazing, but live, well, you just have to be there to know how much they mean to both the band and the True Believers.
Most of the songs they performed I've heard of.
But I didn't memorize most of them, only the old ones.
Songs like Closer to the Edge, This is War and Kings and Queens were perfect tools for unity.
Especially, Kings and Queens, where it has this bridge or hook before the chorus where the crowd would chant in unison.
Kings and Queens was the last song performed that night.
It was most definitely the perfect way to end one of the best and most memorable nights I've had and I'm pretty sure everybody else in the crowd felt that way, too.

The whole show was freaking sick.
As memorable as it would've been going alone, it was even more memorable to have spent it with my cousin and her friend.
We even had one extra ticket.
I hope to attend next year's event and more concerts in the future.
It's a great way to let it all out and enjoy what you love.
For me, it was something I needed to at least run away from my daily routines once in a while.
But that's another story.

"We are very proud to be here and perform here. Your country is so beautiful. Thank you, Malaysia" - Tyler Glenn, frontman, Neon Trees
(at least that's what I remember him saying)

p/s: They will premiere MTV Worldstage Live in Malaysia 2011 on MTV SEA, 8th August 2011 at 12.00AM (Malaysia). Be sure to check it out and hopefully you'll get to see me! If you're the first person to tell me you saw me, I'll treat you. xD