Entry 61 : SCANDAL Special Live In Malaysia 2012

Forgive me for being overly Asian but at the end of last year, I got to see one band that I have been meaning to see since my otaku days back in 2007:


That's right!
These four rocker chicks came down to Malaysia for a concert that was in line with the 30th Anniversary of Look East Policy between Japan and Malaysia.

Throughout the show, they played it hard and played it good, with hits such as Love Survive, Doll and my all-time favorite Shoujo S.
The full set-list was:

1. Rock N Roll
2. Shunkan Sentimental
3. Queens Are Trumps
4. Shoujo S
5. Rising Star
6. Bitter Chocolate
7. Koe
8. Happy Collector
9. Harukaze
10. Love Survive
11. Taiyou Scandalous
12. SCANDAL Baby
13. Satisfaction (encore)
14. Doll (encore)

By the time the concert ended, I couldn't feel my legs and I was drenched in both my own and my fellow audience's sweat.
It was a darn good show and the girls seem to really like the crowd.
Haruna also mentioned that they will come to Malaysia again so fingers-crossed!

Some fans and I actually sent them off at the airport the next day, which was rarity among Japanese artists.
SCANDAL were quite amazed and amused to see fans greet them.
I managed to take some shots:

SCANDAL checking-in their flight back to Japan.

SCANDAL on their way to the departure hall.

The girls are really nice and treat their fans as friends.
I am looking forward to seeing them again but I think I should work on my stamina first!
Check out all my airport photos of SCANDAL here.

"S-C-A-N-D-to the A-to the L-O-U-S"