Entry 76 : A PHOTO A DAY - 9

Hey, everyone!
Life's been pretty mellow since I started class again.
I mean, sure the classes are okay but I guess being too familiar with the surroundings doesn't allow much feels for exploration.
But that just means I have to walk around a lot more.

Anyway, here's something I'd like to share and I'm sure a lot of you out there would have the same thoughts as I do:

#9 : Desk for ants

I'm a big guy, and having to tuck in my stomach to get my notes down for two hours is real torture.
The devolution of desks since I was in kindergarten to what seems to be a lack of wood for university students is truly appalling.
You can tell me a lot about how it saves a lot of things but the bottom line is, I need my space.
And, it's embarrassing to have to keep balancing the desk on my 3D abs.

I haven't ranted here in a long time.
I should be more mature than this.
Oh, well.

"Digivolution. Convolution"