Entry 78 : A PHOTO A DAY - 11

Hey, there!
Today's entry will be a little weird.
You see, I'm still quite a beginner in photography and stuff like panning, hand-held long exposure and static movement (awesome oxymoron I just made up, by the way) so stuff like this, to me, is pretty ... cool?

#11 : Moving still

This was done in A mode (my preferred setting for quick-shooting) so the camera chose the slow shutter speed to compensate for lack of light.
Plus, I was just sitting in the car waiting for the red light.
The wavy lights is of cars passing by.
The straight, long rays of light you might be used to seeing are done with a technique called long exposure, which basically means you leave the shutter released for a longer time to let in more light.
Here, a very bad example of long exposure is displayed, albeit a quite funky output.

I've done better long exposures but what's the use of showing things other people have done, right?

"You say wrong. I say different"