Entry 80 : A PHOTO A DAY - 13

Hey, there!
Honestly, I've been on the other side of Apple's quest to beat down its competition with suing, patenting and stuff for, like, ever.
However, to be more honest, I'm actually a real admirer of its products.
Sure, I hated the Macbooks and iMacs, probably because I've never used them before but I really liked the the iPhones and iPods.
Kind of like my affinity to Nikon rather than Canon because I'm already used to the button layout and interface.
Anyway, why am I talking about Apple?
Well, I've been thinking of switching to iOS from Android:

#13 : Need > want

Yeah, that's my HTC One X, which survived a little over a year under my wing.
I bought it last year in August and right before I wanted to pick up my Nikon D7100 in August this year, the phone decided to free-fall out of my pants and onto the tarmac.
It ran fine up until yesterday when it started to develop Parkinson's disease and today started to get spasms and negatives and did weird stuff.
It's still usable.
Can't say I was so devastated when it happened.
It was inevitable but quite surprising.
I've dropped the phone for some amount of times before and it hardly even scratched the screen protector.
When I told my dad all he said was, "It's about time,".

I'm switching to Apple because it's a rational move.
I'm not putting too much money into it, though, so the iPhone 5S is out of the picture.
Might just get the iPhone 5 for a cheaper price than it was a few months ago.
I don't advocate justifying decisions but the iPhone is fast, has a wonderful camera, a lovely screen and looks professional, although the last part isn't an actual reason.

I just think that Android phones can become so obsolete so fast, and the market is saturated with them.
I'm not a gadget guy and my knowledge of phones and their OS is just as shallow as the next guy.
But I guess this is what I want and I should do more of what I want.
Screw everyone else, right?

""It's about time""