Entry 84 : A PHOTO A DAY - 17

Today I decided to get off my bum and walk around the neighborhood again.
You would think that I should already be bored with the same old things (which I kind of am) but the thing is, not everything that happens on a certain day will happen again.
And, not everything has already happened in one certain day.
Simply put, each day is different and different days deliver different scenes to shoot.
Like this one:

#17 : Child's play

I am not so sure whether I should be totally creeped out by the doll or saddened by the fact that somebody is moving on from their childhood and probably already applying make-up on her (or his?) own face.
I don't keep most of my toys anymore.
They have either been passed on to younger relatives or lost somewhere between the cupboards or something.
I have new "toys" now, like my D7100!
And I don't think I'll ever see it being thrown out any time, ever.

"Miss me?"