Entry 87 : A PHOTO A DAY - 18

Wow, this is the third entry today and I really feel good about myself!
Of course, I have been skipping a few days of photographs so I guess these entries might make up for it.
Today, a Thursday, I will not be sharing a photo I took on this particular day.
I will be sharing a photo I took a few weeks ago to start off my Throwback Thursday edition of A PHOTO A DAY:

#18 : Converse

I took this while I was in KL, right after celebrating my mother's birthday with a dinner buffet at the hotel.
This, for me, defines what I look for in street photography.
This photo is of a girl I saw carrying a Converse bag with their newest tagline.
Ideally (or purposely?), she happened to be wearing a pair of Converse sneakers, too!
But that is only the surface of things.

In the background, you see a crowd of people just walking by, busy with their own agendas and going-ons.
This photo, taken at Bukit Bintang, at the zebra crossing from Pavilion heading to Fahrenheit 88, is one of the most lively places in Kuala Lumpur.
There is a lot of movement (although almost frozen) and to have this shot as one of my own is a real jewel in the sense that I was able to capture the moment.
There is also a partial of my finger at the bottom right corner, showing how candid this was.

Some photographers might argue that a photo speaks for itself, but I know that people generally like to be told the story and then let them think for themselves.
Of course, I can't say that every other person will understand or get what I'm trying to convey, but all in all, I really, really like this photo.
And I'm very proud of it.
I hope to continue Throwback Thursday to compensate for lack of shooting and such so stay tuned!

"A great photograph is like a close friend or a memorable song : you want to visit them over and over again (and don't get bored of it). - Eric Kim"