Entry 93 : A PHOTO A DAY - 22

Hey, there!
Oh, God, it's been a week since I last shared a photo, I should just as well rename it to "A PHOTO A WEEK".

The days have been mundane and lack any form of excitement.
I ranted a bit about it on Twitter and a dear friend of mine gave me some suggestions, including food photography.
I was reluctant to take up the challenge and I already refrain from posting food on my Instagram, too, but just abandoning my blog would be worse.
So, I've been taking photographs of food.
This is nothing impossibly difficult or unique, but it's a start:

#22 : I should have waited

On the way to KL today, we stopped by a Baskin Robbins and I got myself a lovely Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Cone thing with two scoops of deliciously overpriced ice cream.
I composed this photo with 2/3 of the subject and 1/3 of a blurred background.
This is most of what I've been learning in Photography class over the past 5 weeks.
I still need a lot of work, though.

Hope I can get back to the consistency that I would love so much.
And I hope that I'll get to see some idols soon.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for Baskin!"