Entry 106 : A PHOTO A DAY - 28

This won't be too long of an entry (thank God).
I just wanted to share a photo I took last night at a hotel room in JB:

#28 : 너를 바라볼 수 없게

There was this very bright light from the dresser and it gave a beautiful shadow on the dark side of the face.
I'm not that experienced in manipulating light or light sources that don't show onto the face directly, so I think that this shot turned out pretty neat.
I have a lot to learn about the advance techniques in photography.
Alas, my Photography course had its last meeting on Wednesday.
Therefore, now, I have to put in my own effort into discovering and learning more about photography and its concepts.
Hopefully you guys can help me, too!

"Because I'm shadow, shadow, shadow~"