Entry 108 : Happy New Year, QZ Photography and The Portrait Challenge

Hello there! 
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!
I would love to reflect on my 2013, but I'm afraid it'll just have to be one for the new year's list.
Anyway, along with the new year, I'd like to officially announce the establishment of QZ Photography:

QZ; derived from Qirafyosman and feardaooz.
Also understood as 'quick zoom' in some FPS games.

QZ Photography is a project, or sort of a team, that comprises my brother and I.
In May 2013, we started the name for wedding book purposes, for my aunt's wedding.
At the time, we didn't know what we were going to do with it or if we would ever continue to take on jobs under the name.
We used the name QZ Photography for our watermarks for when we go to events together (MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013, Running Man Fansign in Singapore, Vizit Korea 2013).
However, as we spent the end of last year going to events and honing our photography skills, we decided that it was time we took things up a notch.
Thus, we are officially announcing that QZ Photography is open for business.

We, as photographers, are prepared to do various types of photography; events, weddings, portraits/headshots, photo shoots and also gatherings or parties.
You can find us and check out our work at the following media:
Feel free to contact us, even if it's just for the sake of finding out about us.
We will be happy to be at your service!

On the other hand, as always, I have thought of a new challenge for the new month of January of the new year 2014, which shall henceforth be called THE PORTRAIT CHALLENGE.
Portrait, here, does not refer to the shots of people or families.
Here, portrait shall mean the orientation of my photos, like so:

A Pink's Naeun and Chorong

Since I started doing more serious photography in August, I found myself stuck to shooting in landscape.
I could easily imagine the rule of thirds grids in my viewfinder, so it was easier to compose my photos and subjects.
But then when it came to portraits, it was pretty awkward for me and I couldn't compose my photos as well as I would if I shot in landscape.
So with this challenge, I hope to practice and perfect my art for much better and much more beautiful photos for your eyes to feast on.

I hope that I will get to travel, shoot and experience more in 2014.
2013 was a very eventful year and I am glad that I am saying goodbye to it on a positive note.
Of all the ups and downs, the mistakes and the achievements, 2013 will be remembered as one of the years I chose to live and be alive.

"Because if you're alive but not living, then you're just waiting to die"