Entry 177 : First Impressions - Fujifilm X-T10

Hey, guys!

To be honest, I swore off my blog for this whole month because I had all these things to settle:
  • submitting the final draft of my research report,
  • studying for Finals,
  • Finals (which starts on June 14th),
  • mock research presentation,
  • real research presentation, and
  • submitting my final corrections and report hard cover.

But you know what they say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade".
Well, this time life gave me a Fujifilm X-T10 Touch & Feel event in JB, so I made my way to the Fujifilm X-T10 Touch & Feel event in JB.
This is my first impressions of the newly released, not-yet-in-stores, Fujifilm X-T10.

Fujifilm X-T10
Another X-cellent addition by Fujifilm?

From what I've heard about it upon release, I expected a dumbed-down version of the awesome Fujifilm X-T1.
I was expecting a less grippy feel, plasticky body and flimsy overall camera.
Boy, was I WRONG.

The X-T10 felt good in the hands, although I must admit it did feel a little less "fuller" in my hands as compared to the X-T1.
The body is not plasticky, at all, and this is because it's actually made of hard aluminium.
You get a similar sense of security when handling the camera as compared to the X-T1, where the X-T10 feels a tad lighter.
Other than that, I was actually pleased with the way it felt in the hands.

If you're wondering why I keep comparing it to the X-T1, it's because Fujifilm themselves compare it to their current flagship mirrorless camera.
The reason is that the X-T10 employs the exact same sensor as the X-T1, which is the 16MP APS-C X-Trans™ CMOS II sensor, and the exact same processor (EXR Processor II).
The key differences are the viewfinder magnification (0.39" with 0.62x magnification vs 0.5" with 0.77x magnification) and the weather resistance.

I won't break every feature of the X-T10 down to its depths in this entry as it is only a first impressions.
However, there are some things that I observed upon testing it out.
Firstly, the EVF is horrendous under fluorescent lighting.
It's like watching a TV through a video recording, where the screen constantly flashes up and down.
For someone who has a luminance problem with his eye, it was quite painful for me.

Other than that, the auto white balance was also confused by the fluorescent lighting.
Usually, in cameras that I've used in the past, it's not too much of a problem and the effect isn't too pronounced but this time, it was really obvious.




All three shots above were taken in the same burst, with no color correction done on any of them.
See how the white balance changes from yellow+blue to a yellow band in the center to a really bluish photo.
I guess the fluorescent lights of the store was super powerful to have such a drastic effect on the camera.

On the other hand, the image quality is quite superb.


Melissa 100% crop

Utilizing the same sensor as the X-T1, the colors, details and tones were all exquisitely rendered.
Also, equipping the X-T10 with a pre-production, yet-to-be-released, Fujinon 90mm f2.0, the bokeh was just surreal.

Graphite X-T1
Dat BOKEH doe

Graphite X-T1 100% crop

Again, you can see the intricate details of the X-T1 was greatly retained, with little to no chromatic aberration from the lens shooting wide open.

So far, I have no gripes with the X-T10.
The WiFi is smooth and swift, the menu was easy to work around and the overall operation wasn't as alien as a Canon (LOL JK).
I met with the people from Fujifilm Malaysia when I attended the Touch & Feel event, and I hope to get in touch with them again in hopes of working together to produce a full review of the X-series system.
Until I get my hands on one of the so-called "DSLR killers", I'll reserve my thoughts for another time.

Check out all the photos from this first impressions and more at my Flickr gallery here.

DISCLAIMER: I do not represent Fujifilm, Samsung or any other brand that might be showcased in this first impressions. This first impressions is written for THE FEAR and is of no significance to any sort of argument that may or may not ensue. I deliver this with utmost honesty and sincerity.