Entry 195 : First Impressions - Leica X-U (Typ 113)

Hold up.

Have my last three camera entries been about Leica cameras?

Why, yes.
Yes, they have!

And here's another one!

Just announced: Leica X-U (Typ 113)

I had covered pretty much everything you need to know about the brand new Leica X-U in my first impressions video here:

For more specs, you can download the full spec sheet here.

Below are some sample photos that I managed to take at the launching event:

The Leica X-U belongs to a rare class of cameras, dominated by the likes of Olympus' Tough cameras and Nikon's AW cameras; but that doesn't mean it doesn't pack enough punch to challenge its competitors.

I, for one, see it as a great addition to the line-up of otherwise increasingly bland digital cameras that Leica has been producing.
It offers marvellous image quality, reliability and most of all, a justified worth of RM14,600.
Future owners of the X-U no longer have to relay the old "It's a Leica" excuse and can now proudly exclaim "It's an underwater Leica!".

The greatest shortcoming of the X-U, even without an in-depth hands-on test, is the absence of WiFi connectivity.
Of course, I wouldn't know how to incorporate any sort of WiFi transmitter into its body, nor do I know whether the R&D people have thought of this beforehand.
I just feel that it's a great pity that in an age where instant sharing is king, this introduction to Leica's 2016 is still behind on current technology.

What's more, as I mentioned in the video, the X-U is basically the X with an added rubber shell.
Same specs, same functionality and same tedious AF point selector; now even more difficult with the added dampening due to the thick rubber layer.

The X-U is interesting as much as it is uninteresting.
Specs and features-wise, you don't have any improvement.
But practicality and usage-wise, it's a whole new world of possibilities!

Until I can get my hands on a Leica X-U to explore and exploit, I'll leave my final judgement to another day.
Thanks for dropping by!

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