Entry 71 : A PHOTO A DAY - 5

Today, I got lost driving from Kelana Jaya to Bangi, from Bangi to Mid Valley and from Mid Valley back to Kelana Jaya.
They say when driving, follow your gut.
But my gut really doesn't know anything!

Anyway, as I didn't go out to the streets much today, I walked around Mid Valley Megamall to creep on people.
I went into a Canon shop and I tried out the 70-200mm f2.8 IS II again, but today I tried it with the Canon EOS 7D.
(Yesterday, I tried the lens with a Canon EOS 100D)
The burst mode on that machine is so good, I didn't want to stop pressing the shutter button.
No, seriously, the dude was eyeing me so hard, I could feel his glare burning through me.
But I digress.

This is one of the last shots I took and it certainly made my day:

#5 : Slap practice

I was about to rendezvous with my mom before heading back to KJ and these girls were happily playing this slap & fake game.
It was a sweet sight and doesn't happen often.
I hope they don't trade the pain for a phone.

Going back to Bukit Bintang tomorrow night.
It'll be Friday night so I hope that I can get at least some street life.
Till then~

"Maybe it is possible to be hurt and happy simultaneously"